‘Commander, meet the wolf’ by Lyra, Year 10, Comberton Village College.

You were sitting anxiously in the gunship as it touched down on the new base. Your light caramel coloured wolf ears pressed against your head as your tail curled around your thigh. You took a deep breath and stood up shouldering your backpack and putting your shoulders back and making sure your confident but emotionless smirk was on your face and you walked out confidently. As you did all the troopers turned to look at you, so you stopped and put a hand on your hip and waved at them a smirk on your face. “Hey boys. Where’s the commander at?” They stare at you in shock and one of them walks over and slings an arm around your shoulders. “Hey cutie. Why you looking for him?” You smirk. “Well he’s my new boss and I figured I should probably introduce myself.”

“Oh so you’ve been assigned to the 212th battalion?”

“No I’ve been assigned to Commander Cody,” you reply calmly. “Now let me go before I make you.” The trooper laughs at you.

“Don’t be like that cutie. I’m just playing with you.” Suddenly the all leap to attention as Commander Cody walks over.

“Commander.” You salute him.

“At ease soldiers,” He smiles at you and you feel butterflies. “You’re my new asset? Great to meet you rookie.” He holds out his hand for you to shake and you take it smirking. “With all due respect sir, I’m no rookie. I’ve been training for as long as I can remember, and you aren’t the first battalion I’ve fought with.” He laughs.

“Is that so?”

“Sir yes sir.” You say smirking. He grabs your arm and flips you over his shoulder, but you twist out of his grasp and land neatly. “Awww is that all you’ve got?” He laughs and shakes his head. “Your good kid. But battlefields are a hostile environment and not fit for a rookie.”

“Don’t worry sir. I can take care of myself,” you say smiling causing him to chuckle.

“You do seem confident and battle ready.”

“I am,” you say as a flicker of emotion possibly pain and regret flickers over your face but disappears in an instant. Cody cocks his head looking at you with curiosity and you shake your head and mumble. “Later.”

“Alright….” You muster a smile

“So Commander, where’s my room?” He chuckles.

“You just got here and you already wanna nap?” He says smirking causing you to laugh.

“No I just wanna drop my bag and armour off,” you say smiling. “But a nap wouldn’t be the worst.”

Your wolf ears flicker and your tail curls around Cody’s thigh pulling you against him with a surprised cry. He stares at you in shock as the troopers around you snigger. You tug your tail off his leg and sigh. “Sorry sir, my tail has a mind of its own.” He laughs, putting an arm around your waist. “I’m not complaining. I’ve got a beautiful girl leaning against me.” You giggle softly.