‘Climate Migrants’ by Joshua Lane, Toot Hill School

50 million people have fled their homes,

Because of the drastic effects of climate change,

But there’s no light at the end of this tunnel,

As the shockwave of a 1 degree C increase haunts us,

To teach us all a lesson for our thoughtless actions.


Carbon dioxide bombs drop everywhere,

We’re attacking ourselves relentlessly,

In order to build up profits and provide,

For a future that doesn’t exist,

Yet still we ignore the signs.


As each climate migrant seeks safety,

They are turned away by greedy leaders,

Who ignore the facts and keep killing the planet,

In their hunt for greater profit,

Without any mercy for the lives they are ruining.


With every ignored protest another ice cap melts,

With every gas released the earth begins to suffocate us,

With every slaughtered forest another species dies out,

Surely they have crossed the line,

And burnt every last straw as they refuse to accept responsibility for forcing innocent people to leave,


And go over the border.