‘Borders’ by Holland, Year 10, Featherstone High School

Divisions etched into paper,
Black ink splotches and droplets, hiding the yellowed parchment
A few rocks marking the line
Dividing people, culture and religion
They’re easily moved,
Easily ignored
How does this make us any safer?

Why are the people so frigid,
when people cross into the grey area
We are all citizens of this Earth, are we not?
‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour’, right?

Climbing the wall,
Fleeing for safety
Running from their lives for their lives
I, you, me, we to any of us war can start
The rumble, the build up,
Boom, explosive
Guns and words
Hands grasping the power
Which is then exchanged, quickly
By ink looping along the dotted line

Decided by those who aren’t ours
Decided by those who aren’t ours

Big things, little things
They all get pulled together
Adding up to one final result
Like the divisions of family and friends
Like the divisions of happiness and pain

Borders divide
Borders divide people
Borders divide wrong and right
Borders divide those who can’t fight, those who don’t have rights
From the lucky and fortunate
From the poor and suffering

Borders were made up
Nothing tangible to keep them in place
Unmake them, we make them happy
It’s decided what belongs to each side
But by who?

Who now has the power?
Who controls the narrative?
Who decides who needs help?
Who gets the final say?
Who knows?
Not me