‘Borders are Decaying’ by Eve

Her withered face, she sat, perched upon her frail hands. Misery was carved into her shrivelled face, as if life had been a perpetual disappointment. Like a bird in a cage she sat as still as she could perch up in her chair. Her face, like a map of lines, each with their own destinations. Sadness seemed to drown her eyes.

Her heavy lidded tear filled eyes gazed into the distance. Loneliness was her only companion. Her eyes skimmed across the destroyed city that was once her home. Bombs flying, repeatedly, one after another. Slouched over in her chair and let out a great big sigh and readjusted her weak and feeble body. This was slowly killing her from the inside out. She deteriates more and more every day.

Freedom is the only thing she is wishing for. She was like a lost soul, glancing backwards and forwards taking in her surroundings.

The thick dark clouds of smoke began to blanket over the land as if it was turning night. Her limp body jumped as another gigantic bomb hit the ground directly in front of her deep set eyes.

She placed her crumpled face back into the palm of her gnarled hands. Her skin so papery, the skull beneath was almost visible.