‘Border?’ by Leon Bavar, Chelsea Academy

A black line, a red line, a yellow line,

A divorce, a separation, a termination,

A blocker, a stopper, all without


Restoration, repairing what’s broken,

Reformation, changing…

You, changing me, changing…



Segregation, division, everything but unity

A means of control; for reasons of liberty?

A means of suppression, but often done loudly.


Invisible yet visible,

Violently made peaceful?

Illegal made legal, a failure named



Tombs with cradles, numbered without label

Without care; with a camera?

Unknown but always



That’s where it ends, also where it starts,

A reason to kill, made a reason to live?

An expensive ticket labelled a cheap fate,


Hope, what drives restoration,

Grit, aiding reformation, coming from…

You, from me, from…



A black line, a red line – made no line,

A divorce, a separation – now the start of new life,

A blocker, a stopper – do we really need


A Border?