‘Beyond the Veil’ by Anonymous

Over the border, where boundaries fade, lies a realm untouched, a world untouched. Where

horizons whisper secrets untold, and dreams take flight, in colours bold.


Beyond the border, where wonders reside, adventures await, with arms open wide.

The veils of uncertainty gently unfurled, revealing landscapes of an enchanting world.


In twilight’s embrace, a mystical gate, a passage to realms, where hearts resonate.

With each step forward, hesitation unravelled, explorers tread softly, eager and untroubled.


Through meadows ablaze with wildflowers grace, their fragrance dances, leaving no trace.

Mountains rise majestically, touching the sky, as rivers of silver mirror the clouds passing by.


In whispered winds, ancient stories unfold, of heroes and legends of daring untold.

The spirits of ancestors whisper in the breeze, guiding those who wander with humble ease.


Over the border, where love conquers fear, compassion blooms wiping every tear. In unity’s

embrace, differences are embraced and prejudice fades, replaced by grace.


The border, a symbol of unity and divide, a threshold crosses, where dreams coincide. For

beyond the veil, unity is found, boundaries blur, harmony unbound.