‘Beautiful Deadly Grandma’ by Patsie Forth, Year 9, Thomas Clarkson Academy

My parents are going to visit my sister, who moved away for work a while ago. She is a flight attendant. She is taking a short break because the plane she is now working on has a loose wheel and the brakes aren’t working. They were flying to Spain, but when they landed, the plane’s wheel came loose, and the brakes failed. They landed safely, though. Fortunately, the brakes broke after landing. They have a four-day holiday. I was planning to accompany them, but my mother said I needed to go and babysit my grandmother.

I asked my mother not to make me go because I despise my grandmother; she’s spooky, her house stinks, and she always makes stew for dinner, which has various parts of meat and is this strange red/brown hue. It is not typical.

My mother walked me up to the door and knocked. She’s creepier than usual, with big eyes, an even wider smile, and manky breath. Every time she speaks, I catch a whiff of her breath. I wanted to get sick. “I’ll show you to your room,” Nan replied with a smile, placing her arm on my back to guide me. “I’m okay I know where it is.” I responded awkwardly. “No! “I will take you!” she exclaimed, practically shouting. I simply asked her to leave me alone, but she refused and sat on my bed. “I will help you unpack.” She insisted. She helped me unpack and then left. Ooh, this room is cold, and there are cobwebs and dust everywhere.

She does not have internet access or service here. I can’t message or phone anyone for help. She has an old phone in her basement, but I am not comfortable going down there. About ten minutes after she went, she yelled my name. “Dinners ready.” Oh, fantastic. I went to the kitchen and sat down. She set the bowl of stew in front of me; it was redder than usual and chunkier. It stinks of blood and something very rotten. “I’m not hungry.” She glances at me, “Eat” she says forcefully. I eat a little, then while she’s not looking, I pour some into the plant next to me, then another small bit into the other.

She turns and smiles. “Good.” She said this while smirking at me. “Can I go to bed now?”. I asked, “yes,” she says, nodding.

As I enter my room, I notice her standing there, staring at me. I ignore it and climb into bed. I fell into a deep asleep as soon as I hit the bed. After roughly three hours of sleep, I feel something sharp on my arm. Nan’s biting me. I tried to yell and move, but I couldn’t. She is chewing my arm. Ropes are wrapped around me, and I’m in the basement. I lose my conscience…I wake up filled with tremendous pain throughout my body, covered in blood. Standing before me is this thing, this stinky creature…