‘Archers’ by Rayya

I should have died. Why haven’t you killed me? Am I destined to live longer? Are these few moments worth living? No. They aren’t. Meaning is far from me. What is it? What must be done? Nothing but death. Kill me. Have me sent somewhere other than here. I’m seated beside another figure. It faces directly to me. Why does it look like me? Why are we the same? How does it reflect to me the same way? We are both broken, crippled, and lost. We should be done for. And taken away from this. But why haven’t we yet? Tell me or I’ll ask this figure. So, tell me, why aren’t we dead yet? Why should we be alive longer? When he hangs over our mirror? Broken at our sight. Cracked up towards us. Like us both. Why is this darkness out of sight? I can’t see anything. Am I blind, or are we? It’s bright black. Yet, there’s nothing. At all to me. And to you. But he must listen to our call, kill us. We mean nothing no more. We’ve been cursed by our youths. And more others. Giggling, laughing, and playing about. They are still around me. I stay seated in this block with you. Grab my wrist. Talk to me. Will this end soon? Can this curse be lifted? Or is it destined to be upheld forever? Tell me. And make it fast. He’s coming soon. He’ll take care of us. Just stand close to me. And everything will be fine. Our long moments await us. My question remains. Why live in a block? Why not live above the skies? And how in the block and not the skies? He’ll explain to us. I’ll explain it to you. Not fully. This life is short. My life has seen nothing. My life has seen one past. This is now our future to be one. To be above the skies. Free from this block. Free from this unseen darkness. To be done. He’ll then come to us. He will set us free. Not long. But soon. He’s hanging upon us.