‘A Crimson Sky’ by Mackenzie

Failing to contain emotions, she lay down solemnly whimpering, only as much as her feeble stature allowed her to. Her scrawny fingers ascended to reach her face; she only grasped onto her withered cheeks as she set her sorrowful gaze upon the sullen scarlet sky.

A dense and gaseous smoke filled the area as dusk had fallen on the now barren land. The smell of burnt gunpowder had begun to dissipate into the nearby land; the only sound now left was herself and the howling but empty wind.

…as it came to settle on her dejected face.

Her fragile but shrivelled skin began to flake at the slightest contact to the outside as her bleak eyes began to wander and only now realising just how isolated she had been.

As last as she was and with her face in downcast, she understood there was nowhere she could go in this empty land…